The View at Fountain View Podcast

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The View at Fountain View Podcast

Welcome to The View at Fountain View, a monthly podcast bringing you insightful discussions from the residents here at Fountain View at Logan Square senior living community. Join our lively group of seasoned folks as they share stories, laughs, and wisdom gathered over decades of living. Expect entertaining tales from careers, family adventures, and travels around the world. Gain perspective on current events through the lens of different generations. And relish in the heartwarming friendships between our cast of characters.

With new episodes released every month, The View at Fountain View offers a vibrant look at life experiences – past, present, and future. Hosted by residents Dee, Fran, and Carol, each show features residents sitting down for candid chats over coffee, games, and activities at Fountain View.

Tune in to gain thoughtful outlooks on life, thoughtful commentary on the world today, and an overall enjoyable time with our cheerful retirees. The View at Fountain View – expanding horizons for older adults and audiences of all ages.

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