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Want to Age Gracefully? Build your Late-Life Care Plan

For older seniors, preparedness is the key to aging gracefully. I strongly believe that a major aspect of preparedness should be what I refer to as a “late-life care plan”. Let me explain… We’d all love to see our parents and older family members approach life’s final chapters with the grace, dignity, and peace that […]

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Memory Care Residents Get a Taste of Art & Refreshments

After a wonderful Artz Philadelphia program at the Barnes Foundation, our memory care residents and art enthusiasts enjoyed a delightful and delicious reception in the Fountain View library. Thanks to our amazing culinary team, life enrichment team, memory care director, and entire staff for making Fountain View such a special place to call home! […]

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Our Aging Culture

Woman rowing north

The tendency for Eastern cultures to “treat older adults with more respect comes from the Confucian values that guide these cultures. Confucian values promote a positive view of aging, which encourages younger generations to treat older adults with respect, obedience, and care. Western cultures tend to have more youth-centered societies that place value in young adults rather than older […]

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Temple University ROTC Cadets Join Fountain View in Honoring Military Service

Fountain View Veterans & ROTC Cadets

Fountain View at Logan Square celebrated Veterans Day by honoring 22 military veteran residents, including those from the Naval Reserve, Marine Corps, Army, Swedish Army, and Air Force. The event, featuring a luncheon and recognition ceremony, included participation from Temple University ROTC Cadets, fostering connections between the veterans and the next generation. The Philadelphia senior […]

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Navigating Life as Solo-Agers: What Orphan Elders Need to Know Legally, Financially, and Socially

Senior woman doing finances

12,000,000 adults over 65 live alone and as our society continues to evolve, so do our family dynamics. The number of seniors aging without children, sometimes referred to as “solo-agers” or “orphan elders,” is rising, with projections as high as 2,300,000 in just two years.  These individuals face unique challenges and considerations when it comes […]

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Celebrating the Swinging ‘60s During National Assisted Living Week  

Fountain View AL Week 2023

During National Assisted Living Week in September, Fountain View at Logan Square in Philly celebrated by immersing its personal care residents in the vibrant atmosphere of the Swinging ’60s. Through a week of engaging activities, residents had the chance to relive the memorable moments of the era. The theme of the week, “Season of Reflection,” […]

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Residents Redefine Urban Gardening at Fountain View

Fountain View Urban Gardening

The Urban Gardening Club at Fountain View at Logan Square, a luxury independent-living senior community in Philadelphia, has creatively transformed the tower’s Northern Terrace into a flourishing garden oasis, redefining urban gardening in a high-rise setting. Initiated by resident Marty Gehlhaus in 2022, the club harnessed Marty’s lifelong passion for plants, cultivated through his Boy […]

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Fountain View’s $25M Renovation Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Fountain View at Logan Square at Dusk

Fountain View, formerly The Watermark, a 24-story senior living building in Philadelphia’s Logan Square neighborhood, is in the midst of a $25 million renovation. After being recently purchased by Tryko Partners, the building has been rebranded as Fountain View at Logan Square, a continuing care retirement community offering residents luxurious amenities with an emphasis on […]

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