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Want to Age Gracefully? Build your Late-Life Care Plan

For older seniors, preparedness is the key to aging gracefully. I strongly believe that a major aspect of preparedness should be what I refer to as a “late-life care plan”. Let me explain… We’d all love to see our parents and older family members approach life’s final chapters with the grace, dignity, and peace that […]

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Our Aging Culture

Woman rowing north

The tendency for Eastern cultures to “treat older adults with more respect comes from the Confucian values that guide these cultures. Confucian values promote a positive view of aging, which encourages younger generations to treat older adults with respect, obedience, and care. Western cultures tend to have more youth-centered societies that place value in young adults rather than older […]

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Navigating Life as Solo-Agers: What Orphan Elders Need to Know Legally, Financially, and Socially

Senior woman doing finances

12,000,000 adults over 65 live alone and as our society continues to evolve, so do our family dynamics. The number of seniors aging without children, sometimes referred to as “solo-agers” or “orphan elders,” is rising, with projections as high as 2,300,000 in just two years.  These individuals face unique challenges and considerations when it comes […]

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