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Celebrating the Swinging ‘60s During National Assisted Living Week  

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Fountain View AL Week 2023

During National Assisted Living Week in September, Fountain View at Logan Square in Philly celebrated by immersing its personal care residents in the vibrant atmosphere of the Swinging ’60s. Through a week of engaging activities, residents had the chance to relive the memorable moments of the era. The theme of the week, “Season of Reflection,” encouraged a sense of community and nostalgia among the residents. Established by the National Center for Assisted Living, this event is a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of assisted living care for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The ’60s theme perfectly suited the personality of Fountain View, with daily themed events, historical discussions, and an “Outrageous Friday” party closing out the celebration. It was a meaningful week of learning, reminiscing, and creating priceless memories for all involved. Fountain View at Logan Square offers personal care residents a fulfilling lifestyle in the heart of Philadelphia, featuring luxury apartments, gourmet dining, and an array of enriching activities.

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Written by Fountain View at Logan Square

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