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Residents Redefine Urban Gardening at Fountain View

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Fountain View Urban Gardening

The Urban Gardening Club at Fountain View at Logan Square, a luxury independent-living senior community in Philadelphia, has creatively transformed the tower’s Northern Terrace into a flourishing garden oasis, redefining urban gardening in a high-rise setting. Initiated by resident Marty Gehlhaus in 2022, the club harnessed Marty’s lifelong passion for plants, cultivated through his Boy Scout days and gardening experiences in various locations. Gathering around 15 residents, the club established a container garden, skillfully choosing plants suited to the environment. Over time, the garden has thrived, with members tending to its diverse flora, adjusting plant varieties, and fostering a sense of community. The effort exemplifies the unique lifestyle and camaraderie at Fountain View, Philadelphia’s sole Continuing Care Retirement Community, where residents can enjoy scenic views, an active lifestyle, and various amenities. The garden not only showcases residents’ passions but also enhances the community’s connection to nature’s beauty.

See the full press release here.

Written by Fountain View at Logan Square

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